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Central Library IMPS

Central Library IMPS Polytechnic College

This guide entitled "Know Your Library "gives an overall view of the library facilities in IMPS PTC. With the combined efforts of all the staff members of the library, a steady progress is being made in order to meet the pressing demands of the users by rendering various services to all users through both manual and IT based system.
The state-of-the-art Central Library measuring 4000 sq. feet. is housed with reading reference, borrowing section, teachers reading room and spacious reading room for more than 150 seating capacity, where the student can do self study. Our library being an integral part of this Institute, scholars here do find and always enjoy an easy an instant access to the fast- evolving spheres of technology. It is every learner’s realization in this Institute that he/she finds, or better say, discovers what his/her course contents require to be fulfilled. To say the least, the IMPS PTC library provides what the scholars, serious and devoted, need at present or in future. In an uninterrupted way, books and journals continue to flow in and enrich the college library as the management review and previews the academic infrastructure in a regular mode.
IMPS PTC library has a collection of more than 5000 volumes of books with 1000 title of books. It has regular subscription of several National and International Journals including E – Journals and J – Gate. It has also provided a rich collection of all prominent News Papers and standard Magazine. It brings together a collection of engineering related information and resources aimed at students and professionals alike. Our library contains a variety of articles on a number of different subjects, as well as information on some of the world’s greatest engineering achievements, biographies of well-known Engineers. There is also a wide variety of reference material such as engineering, reference tables etc. The library is the big source for the students to enhance their inquisitions all around. The students increase their vocabulary power and level of information. IMPS PTC library brings together a collection of engineering related information and resources aimed at students and professionals alike.
The college library holds and lends out books for a set period of times. Reference collections are the main type of library material that cannot be borrowed. Depending on the college library, there may be other items that may not be circulated, including microfilm, newspapers and magazines. The students can avail BOOK BANK facilities where they can lend up to 7 books per semester per students, thereby minimizing the necessity of purchasing costly books.

Library Working Hours :

  • The library remains open on all the working days except Sunday and Monday (being weekly holidays of the Institute) and other notified holidays.
  • The opening hours of the Library are from 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM.
  • All Library services are provided from 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM.