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Director’s Message IMPS

Director's Message

Nothing can be more satisfying than to witness a fifteen year old technical institution ushering into the digital age with its own website. It took few years before IMPS Polytechnic finds its own premises at the present location and from 2015 this polytechnic began its functioning from here.
67 years after Independence, India is now in the field of rapid development. If is now in a leading position in the world. India, which has one of the ancient cultures in the world, is now taking stride in Technological Developments. It is in need of skilled Technical Manpower. While Engineering Degree Colleges are coming up very fast there is lag in the development of Diploma Institutions. The country is, therefore, facing a shortage in Diploma Engineers. The All India Council for Technical Education is seized of this matter and is encouraging the development of more Polytechnics.
Being academicians, our aim is to inculcate technical knowledge, skills and wisdom, through projectbased learning, and quality teaching by accomplished, dedicated faculty. We prepare students such that when they leave the institution after four years of intensive learning, they are industry ready engineers, ready to face any challenge.
As we increase our knowledge, our thirst for more knowledge becomes unquenchable. Here our students grow the desire to learn more, through Outcome based Teaching - Learning Process. Action is the key word for an engineer. We aim to provide students with more opportunities to learn in a practical way through various student activities and scientific-projects.
In the end I would like to quote the words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘An investment in knowledge pays the best interest’... Hope dies hard, and it, at the same time, is a common human nature to resolve for turning over a new leaf even in the face of odds. So I welcome you all to help SIP go ahead in new tracks with new records of achievements. Thank you and wish you all sunny seconds.
Overall mission of the Institute is to produce good human being in the professional world.

Dr. B.P Sarkar

Director, IMPS Educational Trust