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Humanities & Basic Science Departments IMPS

Humanities & Basic Science Departments

Engineering Students, entering into the vast curriculum of Engineering Course from a small periphery of school life, get a huge support to step forward to the wider world from the Faculties of Humanities & Basic Science Department. This Department offers Applied Science and Humanities Courses as prescribed by the curriculum of the University in the 1st Year & 2nd Year of Engineering Programme.
To be in focus, in every aspect of their near future they must have good command over communication. To develop this particular skill, this particular Department have veteran faculties with well equipped language laboratory. In addition to develop their base in Engineering Ground, they must have vast knowledge in Science & Technology. Along with these basic subjects, they need to develop their keen eyesight of the actual scenario about economic environment, financial markets as well as their effect in Profession.
The purpose of inducing the subjects of Applied Science & Humanities in Engineering Study is to lay a well-built foundation of basic concepts for various Engineering disciplines. Therefore the Department acts as a fertilizer to develop, the practical approach to explore their hidden talents, personality and communication skills to fulfill the need of budding technocrats of this Institution.
The Department of Basic Science in Engineering is equipped with the best of resources to enrich the bloodline of the department ensuring high quality education to the students. The intense professional will of the faculty is the root for the sustained excellence of the department.

Faculty of Humanities & Basic Science Departments

Sr. Name(s) of Teaching Faculty Qualification Designation
01. Kuntal Sadhu B.Sc,M.Sc Lecturer(Mathematics)
02. Basujit Roy B.Com,M.Com Lecturer(Economics)
03. Rini Dutta B.Sc,M.Sc Lecturer(Chemistry)
04. Ankita Chakraborty B.Com,M.Com Lecturer(Economics)
05. Bhumika Roka B.Com Lecturer
06. Saptarshi Sanyal MA,Bed Lecturer(English)