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Rules & Regulation IMPS

Rules & Regulation

  • To Enroll as Library Members the Students shall have to fill in the prescribed application and submit the same along with 2 latest Passport size photographs along with necessary receipt/s of the Library fees/Deposits.
  • The faculty members may enroll themselves as library member on production of a copy of the appointment orders and 2 Passport size latest Photographs.
  • Users should carry their identity cards while entering library.
  • Each UG student member is entitled to Borrow 2 Books from the main library except from book bank.
  • All the students should renew their Borrower's tickets at the start of every Odd Semesters.
  • The members can retain the books with them for a period of 7days only. Overdue books will be charged with a stipulated fine.
  • Members with long over dues will lose their library membership.
  • Books once lent out of the library should not be carried back into the library before discharging the same at the Circulation Counter.
  • A borrower borrowing a book shall note that the book is in sound condition, before leaving the Circulation counter. He/she will be responsible for any mutilation or damage caused to the book after it is lent out.
  • If the books borrowed is a part of a set or volumes & the same is damaged or lost the borrower concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set.
  • In case the lost books are not replaced with new one, the borrower will have to pay twice the cost of the book. Reference Books, Periodical publications, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks & such other are declared as Reference and shall not be lent out of the Library.
  • A member who loses the Borrower's Ticket shall lodge a written complaint of the same to the Librarian. Duplicate tickets will be issued in such cases only after a period of 30 days from such notice & paying the prescribed fee. The Member shall be responsible for any misuse of the Lost Borrower's card.